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Protégé SG Reusable Single Gas Monitor and MasterDock II

Scott Safety, a global leader in innovative personal protective equipment and safety devices, is pleased to introduce the Protégé SG, a versatile new reusable single gas monitor that is configurable to detect 13 different gases, and the MasterDock II, an expandable docking station with up to 10 bays.

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Protege SG

The Protégé SG is a truly universal portable gas detector with advanced features, such as smart plug and play sensors and a replaceable lithium battery that provides unlimited life. The swappable sensors are equipped with a smart sensor board that automatically recognizes sensor type and updates the gas label on the LCD display while automatically downloading the necessary calibration parameters.

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MasterDock II

Launching with the Protégé SG is the MasterDock II, a new docking station that will support the Protégé SG, the Protégé and all future portable monitors. The MasterDock II is programmable and has multiple functions including but not limited to bumping, calibrating, charging, storing records and printing calibration certificates.

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