firefighting thermal imager TIC
How to Purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera

In the world of ever increasing and changing technology it can often be overwhelming deciding what thermal imaging camera brand an organization may need.

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Life Extension of Carbon Fiber Cylinders through MAE Inspection Method

Learn more about Scott Safety’s position on the issuance of a special permit by the Department of Transportation (DOT) affecting breathing air cylinders.

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Nine Technologies That Will Transform the Fire Service

Smart technologies like artificial intelligence, mixed reality or autonomous vehicles are being deployed by first responders in ways hardly imagined even just a decade ago.

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Protege SG
Just Released: Protégé SG Reusable Single Gas Monitor and MasterDock II

Scott Safety is pleased to introduce the Protégé SG, a versatile new reusable single gas monitor and the MasterDock II, an expandable docking station.

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Industry Insights: The Hands-Free Revolution

Rarely does a product come along that transforms the way firefighters do their jobs. That’s what happened in 2016 when Scott Safety introduced Scott Sight.

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